Copper Theft



Copper may be used by CPS Energy and our customers in certain types of electrical installations. Copper is also used as a grounding system to protect the public and utility workers. When copper is stolen, it compromises the electrical system and can cause outages, injuries, and even death.


Copper theft is illegal, and CPS Energy wants you to know what to do if you are a victim:

  1. Be safe: CPS Energy reminds customers to treat all free spinswires as if they are live wires. Do NOT attempt to move wires as the power lines may still have electricity running through them. 

  2. Call your local law enforcement and file a report.

  3. Call CPS Energy at 210-353-2222 and report the theft.

  4. CPS Energy will come on-site within hours, 24/7 to assess the copper theft and evaluate how to safely make repairs based on your call.

  5. If the equipment is under our ownership, we will provide the necessary repairs and ensure safe restoration. In this scenario, service is typically restored within 1-2 days.

  6. If the equipment affected by the theft is yours, you must contact a qualified electrician for repairs and obtain a permit from your local city authority once repairs are completed. A CPS Energy resource will work with you and your electrician until the service is re-energized.

  7. Call CPS Energy at 210-353-4050 to notify us the repair is complete by providing your permit information, and we will safely restore power to your system.