Play it Safe with Mylar Balloons & Kites


Don’t be left in the dark by Mylar balloons!

In 2019, CPS Energy’s electrical distribution system experienced at least 46 service outages directly attributed to Mylar balloons; negatively impacting over 9,103 customers.  

Mylar balloons, also known as foil balloons, are often chosen over traditional latex balloons due to their shiny appearance and durability. The shiny appearance is due to a metallic coating, which can conduct electricity. They are generally safe; however, if they escape or are released, they can come into contact with overhead electrical equipment and power lines resulting in safety concerns and service interruptions. These interruptions may take quite a while to resolve due to our need to identify the cause and location of the interruption.  Additionally, if a person is holding a balloon which contacts an energized line, the balloon and individual can become part of the electrical path to ground, resulting in serious injury or even death.

Video:  Watch what happens when a Mylar balloon comes in contact with a power line

CPS Energy would like to encourage you to use and dispose of Mylar balloons safely. Please do not allow them to escape or be released, help us promote safety and avoid service interruptions.

stake us casino promo codeThings to remember:

  1. The metallic coating on Mylar balloons conducts electricity.
  2. Balloons that come in contact with overhead electrical equipment can cause a power outage.
  3. If a balloon comes in contact with an electric line, please stay away from the utility pole and balloon string to avoid possible injury.  Report the issue to CPS Energy.
  4. Disposing of Mylar balloons properly can help to protect you from avoidable power outages and help us continue to provide affordable electricity. 

Issues can be reported by calling 210-353-2222 or by email, [email protected].

Keep safety in mind when flying kites

Safety precautions can go a long way to keeping you safe and the power on to homes and businesses. That’s because, often, kites are flown near power lines. Flying a kite is no doubt, fun. However, kites that become tangled in electric infrastructure and be dangerous and result in the disruption of electric service.

Keep these tips in mind when flying a kite:

  • Fly kites in open areas and away from electricity poles, overhead power lines, trees and other obstacles.
  • Kite lines conduct electricity, do not fly near overhead power lines.
  • If a kite gets caught in overhead power lines, release the string at once. Do not pull the string or climb the pole.
  • Only fly kites in dry weather. Never fly a kite during electrical storm.
  • Only use kites made of wood or plastic, never metal or mylar. Only use cloth for the tails.
  • Stake US casinoNEVER attempt to retrieve any kite caught in electric equipment. Instead, call 210-353-HELP (4357).

Issues can be reported by calling 210-353-2222 or by email, [email protected].