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Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions - New Rebate Programs for Home Charging


CPS Energy’s FlexEVSM Rewards programs provide EV owners two convenient ways to earn rebates while charging their vehicle at home with an eligible charger. Find out more about FlexEV Smart Rewards and FlexEV Off-Peak Rewards programs here.

Stake US casinocontact a member of our EV team at (210) 353-SAVE (2728), option 7, for questions concerning FlexEVSM Rewards programs.

Learn about EV charging programs for home and for around town here.

FlexEVSM Public Charging Program may eliminate range anxiety for electric vehicle (EV) drivers in San Antonio. Find out more about the FlexEV Public Charging Program.

For questions on the Public Charging Program, Stake US casinocontact a member of our EV team at  [email protected]

Electric Vehicle Driver Testimonials

SA Drive Electric is an annual ride and drive event for the San Antonio and central Texas community to get acquainted with EVs and EV Charging. Our goal is to increase Electric Vehicle awareness and adoption. CPS Energy provides the community with EV education ranging from EV charging to environmental benefits, and how to reduce range anxiety. This event allows for drivers to take a test drive in electric vehicles and bicycles on a predetermined route. The event also displayed EVs and Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment along with experts who can talk about them to the community.

Helpful Information

We want you to know about a great EV benefit you can use when you are around town.  The City of San Antonio allows EVs enrolled in their Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Parking Program to park for FREE at downtown street parking meters or street pay stations.  Parking time restrictions still apply.  Register and make driving your EV for errands or business downtown even more economical and convenient!

*The City of San Antonio Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Parking Program is not included in the FlexEV public charging program.

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