CPS Energy's Winter Preparedness


1. Weatherization

  • We took freeze protection actions at power plants, including adding heaters, temporary enclosures and insulation.
  • We completed enhanced insulation installation on power lines and devices, along with upgrades on selected systems.
  • We invested more than $20M to enhance weatherization upgrades since 2011. We invested about $2M - $3M during 2022. We anticipate spending of up to $46M during the next two to three years.

2. Infrastructure

  • ERCOT has made improvements that complement our efforts in our service area.
  • We reviewed and revised our list of uninterruptable circuits, including circuits that service key utility facilities.
    • Stake US casinoIf the San Antonio service area experiences another major load shed event, we expect to meet our goal to turn a customers’ power off for only 15 minutes at a time.
    • 155 of our circuits are now considered interruptible, meaning we have more areas where power can be cut if outages are required. 
  • We have taken actions to improve the experience for all customers without jeopardizing critical facilities needed for emergency response.
  • We partner with SAWS under a Resiliency Initiative to address circuit redundancy and strategies for onsite generation as a means of greater resiliency for the most critical facilities.

3. Communications