Joint Trench Program


CPS Energy Joint Trench Program


CPS Energy works with our joint trench partners to share our underground trench space and allow joint trench partners who are in good standing and have a current signed agreement with CPS Energy to place their communications conduits, ducts, and other facilities into CPS Energy trenches.

CPS Energy shares its trenches in new residential and commercial developments with communications providers as a community service and spreads construction costs among joint trench partners for mutual benefit. In each development, CPS Energy accesses utility easements or public rights-of-way (ROW) and coordinates construction of its trench with the developer’s project engineer. Depending on the number of joint trenchers, CPS Energy may expand the width or depth of its trench to accommodate third-party facilities as directed by the project engineer based on requests from communications providers. CPS Energy is NOT the project engineer for any development.

We have completed an update of the Joint Trench Agreement and associated costs to ensure we are supporting the needs of CPS Energy, our community, and our joint trench partners. Our updated agreement is now complete online casino gamesand available for signature.  

To execute this new agreement and to install your infrastructure in our trench where joint trenching is possible, you will need to do the following:

  • Sign and return the 2024 Joint Trench Agreement along with proof of insurance coverage.
  • Bring your accounts to current and have no balance owed that is older than 30 days.
  • Act in accordance with the requirements of the agreement, including (but not limited to):
    • Timely notification of intent to joint trench
    • Be able to provide all permits and approvals required to access utility easements or ROW
    • Coordinate installation of facilities with the developer’s project engineer
    • Timely submission of engineering design documents to the project engineer
    • Ensure project engineer approves design and timely coordinates with CPS Energy
    • Upfront payment to CPS Energy in accordance with the costs outlined in the agreement
    • Timely installation of facilities once the trench is excavated and prior to sealing the trench

2024 Joint Trench Agreement

We provided our joint trench partners an opportunity to review and provide feedback prior to finalizing the new agreement and a summary of the review comments we received is available below.

Summary of Review Comments