Request a Meter Can


Meter Cans are requested through your project’s assigned designer.  If you don’t have an existing project please see below.

For New Construction:

Stake US casinoPlease apply for a new service through our Construction & Renovation Web Portal.

For Existing Service Locations:

For projects requiring a new or replacement meter can please call CPS Energy’s Customer Design and Delivery Department at 210-353-4050. CPS Energy will assign a designer to your project and they will contact you to discuss your project. Your Designer will discuss what is required based on your project needs and the standard durations for design and construction, then request any necessary documents from you.

If your project is an Electric Remodel with existing power and your service(s) requires to be temporarily turned off while you perform work, contact CPS Energy’s Remodel Department at 210-353-4975 or [email protected]