School Pipe Testing


State law requires that all customer-owned gas piping in schools (public, private and charter) be leak tested every two years. Every school district (or school) is required to notify us that satisfactory pressure tests have been performed.

The law also requires us to terminate service to facilities if the required information is not in our possession before the due date.

CPS Energy has implemented a new School Pipe Testing Portal that allows School Representatives to submit their results of the pipe Stake US casinotest(s). The same information will be submitted electronically in lieu of submitting the actual Railroad Commission of Texas Form PS-86B. We ask that each School District provide CPS Energy with contact information of the representative(s) who will be submitting the test records via the portal. The contact information must include at a minimum Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. Access to submit test record results will be provided to the identified contacts for each District / School Facility via an email with the link provided that will direct them to the portal.

Schools that do not have valid and correct test results submitted to CPS Energy prior to the beginning of their new school year or July 1 for schools operating year-round, will have their natural gas meters turned off and locked.

If you require assistance, please contact:

Alex Chavez: [email protected]

Or email: [email protected]