New Supplier Registration Process


Becoming a supplier with CPS Energy is an easy process. Our supplier registration system is intended for suppliers seeking to do business with CPS Energy to receive maximum bid opportunities.

Overview of Process for Prospective Suppliers

  • Complete the online registration for your firm.
  • Upon submitting your registration, a notification is sent via e-mail with two additional forms requiring completion and submission. Your packet will not be processed until this information is received.
  • During the evaluation process, if additional information is required about your company's product and/or service, you will be notified via e-mail.
  • Once approved, you will be solicited on an as-needed Stake US casinobasis for the products and/or services approved.

Registration to our database does not imply a contract or intent to purchase by CPS Energy, but rather the opportunity to receive future solicitations.

Please be advisedBusiness Questionnaires are valid for a period of one (1) year at which time a new form will need to be submitted to [email protected].


Before continuing with your registration, ensure the following required information is available:

  • General Information
    Company Name; Address/P.O. Box; Phone Number; Website Address; Business E-Mail Address for POs, Bid Solicitations, Request for Quotations (Required)
  • Remittance Information
    Company Name; Address/P.O. Box; Phone Number; Tax Identification Information
  • Brief history of your company
  • Three business references 
    Point of Contact; Phone Number; E-Mail Address
  • Company literature, brochures (PDF format, Word, or URL links)
  • Types of products and/or services provided by your company
  • Please use the spreadsheets below to aid you in selecting keywords for non-stock, services, and/or products. (Page #3 of the Supplier Application)

Non-stock Listing

Service Listings

Product Group Listings